We cater for all mailing projects, big or small. GB Mail specialise in servicing direct marketing campaigns utilising our high speed lasering and inkjetting equipment. We will work closely with you on your project to ensure your requirements are met, expectations exceeded and ROI increased. Whether you need to mail a hundred leaflets to your most valued customers or a million polywrapped catalogues to UK & international addresses, we are experienced and well-equipped to manage the process smoothly for you.


Utilising the ability to pre-sort your mailing lists can save you around 50% off the price of today’s stamps. GB Mail can do this for you.


This is a low-cost mailing method using cutting edge barcode technology. GB Mail is a chosen test site for Royal Mail and we are working very closely with Royal Mail overcoming the challenges faced by using the Mailmark product with polywrap, allowing us to offer this low cost option with the utmost confidence across all mail types, enveloped and polywrapped.

Subscription Mail

GB Mail works with some of the UK’s biggest publishers mailing out well known titles nationally and internationally. We guarantee savings are made wherever they can be, and have access to excellent mailing incentives.

Transactional Mail

We have plenty of in house printing and finishing equipment, allowing us to be a one stop solution for your transactional mail requirements. These can include renewals, notices, all forms of letters, statements and much more.

Environmentally Friendly Mail

Sustainability matters to GB Mail, and that is why we are constantly at the forefront of testing eco-friendly mailing options using various forms of biodegradable polywrap. This too unlocks the ability to obtain savings through discounted rates and incentives. All polywrap supplied by GB Mail is recyclable.

International Mail

The thought of an international mailing campaign may seem daunting, but GB Mail have you covered. We have endless experience in dealing with and managing international projects, working to strict budgets and constantly saving businesses major sums of money.

Downstream Access

Whilst we pride ourselves on our healthy relationship with our clients, we too are proud to have close ties with various postal providers allowing us to offer amazing mail and service rates, helping your business to save costs on both UK & International postage.

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